Soup of the day with fresh local baked bread             $12.00

Fresh locally baked bread with a selection of house dips and local olive oil                                                        $16.00       
Caprese Salad with fresh mozzarella, vine ripened tomatoes, basil, local olive oil & pesto                         $16.00

Passage Rock Cheese Platter                        
A selection of NZ Cheese's served with crackers & Grapes 
Passage Rock Platter                                               
Assortment of cold meat, free range pork belly, Pan roasted sirloin, mojo verde, roast tomato & jalapeno sauce s/w fresh local bread


Passage Rock Seafood Platter
House smoked salmon, Salt & pepper squid, Te Matuku Bay Oysters, Steamed Green Lip Mussels, Smoked Kawhai Dip s/w fresh local bead



Sides: Green salad, Greek Salad, Fries               $8.00 each

Kids Menu
Chargrilled Beef skewers with fries & salad
Kids Pizza - ham, cheese and pineapple on tomato sauce base
Includes: icecream with chocolate sauce                   $16.00

Dessert of the day                                                      $12.00
Kiddie ice cream and chocolate sauce                        $3.00